Wilson Boots Restocked

It's close to 3AM on Dec 26th.  We're restocking the Wilson Boots today.  Below is the email I've just finished writing to go out in a few hours mixed together with a selection of photos by Stefan Kohli for the restock of the Wilson Boots.

"Thanks for bearing with us!

The Wilson Boots in Beige Suede & Black Ballistic Nylon are back in stock in all sizes. 

It’s been about six months in the process of getting more of these made.  I didn’t expect it to take so long, so first of all I just wanted to say thank you for being patient with us.  We first launched the Wilson Boot January 23rd this year and honestly I didn’t expect to be able to restock them, let alone twice this year.  I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who’s supported this new chapter so far, as well as everyone who’s even subscribed to this mailing list.  I normally reserve the long winded writing for Instagram captions but it’s the Holidays so I have some time on my hands.

Wilson Boot in Beige Suede Wilson Boot in Black Ballistic Nylon

Some context…

The Wilson Boot is named after the Mount Wilson Observatory in the San Gabriel Mountains of California.  It’s open to the public so if you ever have the chance to make it out there, it’s worth the trip.  Say hi to Tom for me!  

The Wilson Boot is made in Italy.  My first product made outside of Los Angeles.  Giving up the ability to go check in on production down the road and see the sampling process in person was really difficult for me but, if you want it made by the best teams and factories in the world, you gotta let them do their thing.  We went through four sample rounds and hundreds of sketches and ideas to land on the final design.  I have the first sample ever made hanging on a pipe on the ceiling of my office like a telephone wire.  I think I’ve posted it before but I’ll take another picture Monday. 

The Wilson Boot is meant to be worn in your own way.  We’ve styled them with pretty much everything we’ve made since we got the samples in last year for shoots, ecom etc and they seem to work with pretty much anything.  I also did a little guide on different ways to tie the laces back in April for the Newsstand section of the site, you can find that HERE.  I only did nine for that specific post but I’m sure there’s 100’s more.

The Wilson Boot shoebox is made of recycled cardboard.  It’s plain craft brown and the logos and info are stamped into the box itself.  Please recycle it or find another use for it after.  It’s pretty sturdy.  

Lastly, the Wilson Boot actually works as a hiking boot!  I told Blackbird Spyplane when these came out the idea was something like, make a functional hiking boot, without looking like I’m on my way to the mountains if I wear them to work in the office.  I think we nailed it.  I’m not saying I don’t like the fit pics, but it makes me sing when I see stories or get tagged in posts from these insane locations you guys seem to be near hiking in these.  The point I’m trying to make is trust them, wear them, beat them to hell, enjoy them. 

Something else I’m probably supposed to mention is our end-of-season sale is up too!  Happy Holidays Everyone.  

- Reese

Side note, listen to that new Injury Reserve album."

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