The Product Cards on the Hooks

In January of this year, we were finishing the development of the AW24 collection and prepping for the Paris showroom.  Looking for a way to show that some silhouettes are available in different fabrics, we landed on the idea of notecards attached to the hook of every style.


The notecard is simple, it has a sketch on the front & back, showing the front & back of the piece, and simply the name of the item and the fabric it was made in.

At the same time, we were finishing the SS24 collection & getting ready to ship to our stores and put it online.  It was decided quickly to do these note cards for the SS24 pieces as well, this way they don’t just live in a showroom but anyone who gets an item from the collection gets one too.  

Starting with the SS24 collection, every item (with a hook) ships with this note card on it.  Heavyweight recycled card stock, all individually hand cut and hole punched in our studio.  In the future this may change to be something more durable or even a 4x5 inch piece of the same fabric it’s made from.  Still working through those ideas, but for now this is how these are made.  

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