Product Guide: Modular Pocket System
Debuting on the runway in our SS23 show, we are proud to present the Modular Pocket System.

The Modular Pocket System is a new development in the RCI lineup.  The pockets are in three standard sizes; Small, Medium & Large.
Garments with the Modular Pocket System are constructed with a series of eyelets & cargo pockets.  The pockets have 4 sets of strings attached, giving the ability to remove or reposition the pockets at the wearers discretion.
Each garment with the Modular Pocket System will typically have 1 of the standard pocket sizes, though some garments such as the Ripstop Cargo Pant will contain multiple sizes able to be utilised.  Some garments will have Modular Pockets with the RCI Hook attached, while some do not.  Interchange freely.
The Modular Pocket System gives the wearer freedom to express themselves.  Wear the garment with no pockets, one pocket, as it comes, on its sleeve, tie it around the back... it's up to you!

SS23 is the first season that features the Modular Pocket System.  This will be an ongoing system within the brand with new developments & additions, while staying within the framework laid out above so you can interchange pockets from SS23 with a piece 5 years from now.
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