Outdoor Guide: Fly Fishing Etowah River

A slightly different outdoor guide than the typical hike field report this month.   Taking notes from our friends over at USAL Project in LA, the main point of this one is to inspire to try something new.  Everyone’s a beginner at some point!

Fly fishing has been something I’ve always wanted to try and finally had the opportunity to spend a day learning on the Etowah River in GA.  All I can say is, I get it.  This is the busiest time of year for us, preparing for the SS25 collection (as well as another new project coming soon) but managed to forget about any and all of it for the time spent on the river.  Didn’t get as many photos as normal with these outdoor guides, but hands were busy and honestly forgot about it.  Though it wasn’t a long hike to get to where we were going, still managed to get some field testing done with the low top boots I’m yet to name.

We’re going to boost up the outdoor guide program within RCI in the coming months.  If you have any recommendations or things you want to see, send me a message.  In the meantime, Wilson Boots are all heavily discounted as we prepare to launch the 2.0’s.

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