SS23 Runway Show Location

In 4 days we’re going to do our first “real” runway show at Jardin des Plantes. When scouting for locations earlier this year, the goal was to have a site that is both meaningful for the brand and the city itself. We selected this park obviously for its natural beauty (elements of which you’ll see woven into the collection itself) but also because of its history.

The park is nearly 400 years old and has been open to the public for about 375 years. Since the 1800s it’s hosted many world expeditions leading it to acquire plant species from around the globe.

With 68 acres, 6 green houses and over 23,500 species of plant, it’s truly one of the most remarkable gardens in the world and always open to everyone.

We are honoured to be able to show here and thank the staff and curators of Jardin des Plantes for their support. See you Wednesday!

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