Graphic Guide: Watercolour Camo

For SS23, the show followed the theme of growth.  Together with PlayLab we decided this could be achieved with creating a set with 3 acts; soil, water & light.  Working backwards from these acts, we tried to fit pockets of the collection into these themes & follow an arc with the order of looks to match the order of things they walk through on the set.  In reality, things get blurred and moved around because you just go with what looks good next, but it’s helpful to have these points of reference & connectivity when designing.

The second act, water, had models walking through sprinklers placed right in front of Kaytranada's DJ booth while the second act for the collection itself was mostly made up of nylons & our Watercolour Camo.  Every season we try to make a print or camo that is specific to the collection.  Now that these styles are finally releasing, we dug back into the camera roll to show some of the process of making this print.


It starts off very simple.  Just put pen (paint) to paper and see what happens.  When working on something like this you have to keep the edges clean so it can perfectly repeat when printing.  There’s not a very elegant way to explain how this is done other than just, paint some weird shapes, throw some ink stamps in while it’s wet and let it all bleed and blend together.

Keeping the edges in mind, you have to trust the process a bit because what's on the paper is very different from the final result after scanning & manipulating.  Once it’s dry, we cut the shapes out and scan them individually. 


Once we have the scans, we blend them together to create the full file.


When sampling these styles last year, we used the time we had while the fabric was being printed to hand dye zippers that followed the splotchy feeling of the print with help from Juliet Johnstone, our unofficial local emergency dye house.


When the fabric arrived, it was used for a variety of pieces including skirts, jackets, pants & hats.  


The last step of all this was to bring the items to Paris.  Shown in Jardin Des Plantes, you’ll find stamps and drawings of the park within the print.  In total it ended up being 6 looks styled by Savannah White that included pieces made of our Watercolour Camo.


Explore the Watercolour Camo styles from SS23, available now!

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