Graphic Guide: Herringbone Print

The herringbone print for this season, much like our plaid, is a new twist on classic fabrics and patterns we use regularly.  Taking the nature of the pattern and applying it in a way it isn’t traditionally used, such as printing instead of weaving.  We often use herringbone fabric in collections as a foundation for something to be printed on, or as a solid on its own with a subtle texture.  For AW22 we decided to essentially zoom in on the details that make up the fabrics we love, and reverse it by making the subtle textures the loudest part.  We then took the hand drawn texture and applied it to woven fabrics/pieces like our sherpa fleece & knitwear.

 Close ups of the final fabrics.


Our Herringbone Print in use. Photos from our Two Steps Forward Lookbook and Keith Oshiro's campaign imagery.


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