Graphic Guide: Etching Camo

Our “Etching Camo” from AW22 is pulled directly from Angeles Forest in Southern California.  After our AW21 show at Mt. Wilson Observatory we revisited the site a handful of times, one time focusing on a print for this collection.

 We took 30-40 etchings of the tree bark up there on regular paper with a crayon, after charcoal proved way too messy to get the job done.  There aren’t photos of the literal etching process as it turns out it was a 2 handed job.

 Once back in the studio, each page was scanned individually.  Each of the markings is interesting on their own, but I opted for collaging them all together to create a camo-like print.

 After crashing the computer a few times building the file, it was then burned into a rotary print screen.

 We chose very tonal colours of ink to compliment the fabric instead of overpowering it.  This series was printed on our cotton herringbone.

 Explore the garments from our Etching Camo series.

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