Graphic Guide: AW23 Camo

Our seasonal camo for the AW23 collection is far more traditional, or simple, than previous collections.  Inspired by a classic US woodland camo pattern with subtle graphic hits within, the camo is presented on a rotary printed cotton ripstop fabric.  This fabric is used on five styles for the AW23 collection including oversized bomber jackets & our modular pocket series.


Despite being simple in appearance, we still like to make it unnecessarily complicated and begin the process by hand.  It starts by drawing various organic feeling shapes, picking the good ones and tracing them to be vectorized.  From there, it's simply building the layers by colour.

Once the foundation is built, we worked in a graphic from a past collection to live as the branding within the print.  One of the goals when creating graphics for each collection is considering how they can be reinterpreted into something new later on.  The birds & moon in this camo print were originally drawn for our AW20 collection as T's & sweatshirts.


When rotary printing fabric there are a lot of things to consider.  Rotary printing is essentially screenprinting out of cylindrical screens, so the same thinking about inks & colours applies here.  Our base fabric is a khaki ripstop so this will slightly affect the hue of the green, brown & grey inks placed on top.  The image below of the print outs is 10 different versions of the (semi) final file, each with slightly different tones.  Once the favourite is selected, we use this to try and colour match when testing the prints.


Once all colour testing & development is complete, the screens for each colour get aligned so they perfectly overlap eachother as it moves down the line.  The final fabric is always better than anticipated, seeing an idea on fabric vs a screen is an incredibly different feeling.


Explore the final camo garments below by clicking on any of the photos.


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