Thoughts on Photography

Going to start posting AW23 campaign images tomorrow so wanted to preface that by some quick, rambled thoughts on shooting the 1TRL campaign & this AW23 campaign myself. First and foremost, it’s just fun. I’ve never really been one to finish a design & move to the next thing, I like being involved in every step of the process along the way. Photography is essentially the “final” piece of the puzzle in creating something.

“Myself” is a very loose term. I’m lucky to work with amazing teams of people on these projects & more than ever have a clear appreciation for all of the individual roles on a set. Spending time on this side of the process is giving me a new perspective on the design side… it all works together. Still don’t consider myself a photographer but I’m very proud of these latest shoots. More importantly, learning new things & working with talented friends is very fun. You gotta enjoy the process, otherwise what are we doing here?

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