48 hours in the Andes Mountains via Bradley J. Calder, Will Noyce & Adrian Nieto.

Last week our friend Bradley J. Calder was given roughly 24 hours notice he needed to head down to Chile for a location scout for a future undisclosed project.  Bradley is a director and over the past couple years, has become a close friend & collaborator to both myself & the brand as a whole.  The day before they left for the trip, Bradley and his partners Will Noyce & Adrian Nieto came by the office to gear up for the trip with clothes & boots to wear on set. 

The goal was for them to find a beautiful location in the middle of the Andes Mountains to shoot a video.  They ended up scouting an area called Cajón del Maipo in Chile.  It is a volcanic crater, filled with water from the seasonal glacier melt.  The minerals in the stone & rockbed filter the glacier water into as close to pure drinking water as you can find in the wild.  

Below are scenes from this location scout.  Shot by Bradley J. Calder, Will Noyce & Adrian Nieto.

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